“The Gig is Up” starts the festival tour April 2021

My new  documentary “THE GIG IS UP” is set to begin it’s festival tour!

The world premiere  will take place at CPH:DOX in competition in Copenhagen  April 21-May 2 2021.

This will be followed by the North America premiere at Hot Docs International Film Festival April 29-May  followed by opening Vancouver’s DOXA International Film Festival, May 6-16. If you are in Canada, you can get tickets to Hot Docs here, and for DOXA here.

The film has been picked up by the incredible distribution team at DOGWOOF.

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I’m so excited to share this film with the world and also to be part of engaging in the discussion around platform-based task work, and what it means for workers everywhere. There are organizing efforts happening around the globe, and we hope the film will be a small part in raising these issue in the public.